About - FAQs

  • What are the payment options?

    You can pay advance through online to conform your booking and the remaining amount using digital or through online. Once the event got completed.

  • How much time does it take to complete the puja or ritual?

    It depends on the puja you are participating in and the package you have chosen. Usually any kind of puja performed for 1:30 to 2:00 hours.

  • Do we need to purchase the puja items or you will provide us all the required items?

    We have customised packages which includes required items and which doesn't include items in the package. You can choose the package according to your convenience. If you choose package which doesn't include required items, we will send you list to your registered mobile number and the email Id.

  • Any dakshina to be paid at the end of puja to the pandit?

    There is no need to pay any extra dakshina, however it's your wish to give dakshina to the pandit at the time of Harathi.

  • Do I have to bare travel expenses of the pandit?

    You don't have to pay any extra charges if your event is in our service limit. If your event is very far only then you have to bare the travel expenses. You can discuss this with your support team while booking your event.

  • Will you provide pandits according to my mother tongue?

    Yes, we have Vedic pandits from Madhyapradesh, Telangana, AndhraPradesh, Kannada , Tamil also in other languages.

  • What if pandit's doesn't arrive on time?

    Most of the time our pandits will be on or before the event time but in unfortunate circumstances, pandits will be little late but they will definitely reach you as soon as they can.

  • When will I receive prasad of my pooja if I live in abroad and choose your service for my event?

    You will receive the prasad within 14 working days after the Pooja has been performed however it may depend on the custom department of the particular country.