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According to Hinduism, we have so many rituals to be followed from birth in order to seek devotional and spiritual enlightenment and finally to attain moksha. From 21st day of our birth , to shasti poorthi which is to celebrate in the 60 beautiful years of completion in the journey of life. We feel, Every event is important in this journey not only to attain moksha but to celebrate the life throughout and to experience the joy in celebrating them.

Also, We believe that after death the physical body serves no purpose, and therefore does not need to be preserved and choose to cremate the body as it's the quickest way to release the soul and help with reincarnation. After cremation, there are some rituals to be followed to place the departed soul with the ancestors and God. Our Hire Purohit team will take our all death rituals starting from Anthima Samskara/Dasha Dina Karma to monthly masikam and yearly samvatsareekams.

Just sit back & relax!
No matter what the event is, we promise you the best & budget friendly services in marriages, saree functions, Barasala and all hindu rituals. Just sit back and relax while we build you memories to treasure for a life time. We feel fortunate to serve you the best. Also, it’s our promise to perform every ritual in spiritual aspect and as per your assertion.